forged in GERMANY
highest standards and precision


POGEAforged wheels are manufactured in cooperation with our German production partner, ROC Fertigung24, located in the Black Forest (in Freudenstadt). The wheel designs come from our Founder Eduard Pogea and Alfred Abraham, and are sample and patent-protected in Munich and Los Angeles. When manufacturing the wheels, we rely on the best craftsmanship and most modern processing technology, such as a B. 5-axis CNC from DMG MORI / DMU monoBlock 75, NC swivel rotary table, speedMASTER® spindle SK40, 20,000 rpm, 130 Nm, 35 kW (40% ED), vertical chain magazine for 60 tools, SK40.

Following our design process, our rims are subjected to a number of thorough analyses and testing until they go into the prototype production stage. After processing is complete, our rims are sent to a test laboratory in Vienna for further wheel testing. This is where all the necessary reports for our wheels and all connections are made. We use blanks from FUCHSFELGE to manufacture our wheels. These blanks are made of forged, high-strength, lightweight aluminum "FORGED IN GERMANY". Forging is a non-cutting forming process in a warm, solid state. The so-called "blanks" are aluminum cylinders with a diameter of about 30 cm and a height of 60 cm.

A silicon-free aluminum alloy is used for the forging, which enables the surface to be polished to an extremely shiny, bright surface. This shine is not lost by an acrylic lacquer seal, but it is protected against environmental influences and scratches. The acrylic lacquer layer means that repolishing is neither necessary nor possible.